#1939: Initial power amount in Gamma1 depending on how mission was started
        Reporter:  Emdek             |        Type:  bug          
          Status:  new               |    Priority:  major        
       Milestone:  3.0               |   Component:  Data: Scripts
         Version:  2.3.1             |    Keywords:               
Operating_system:  All/Non-Specific  |   Blockedby:               
        Blocking:                    |  
 When starting gamma 1 mission straight after finishing beta campaign
 (without quitting the game) then we get 16000 power from beginning.
 But if we for example save game after finishing that campaign and then
 quit and later try to resume then we will got 0 power.
 It probably happens at least from 2.3.0 beta times, I've seen something
 like that, but that time I think that I've got 160 power, enough to build
 oil derrick but nothing more.
 I have savegames for each mission so I can also attach one from beginning
 of last beta mission if someone wants to see how it looks like when we
 don't quit after finishing beta campaign.

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