#1946: Adds Supported for Stored Templates
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 The following patch adds support for saving/loading stored templates.

 Stored templates are those which are made available automatically as soon
 as all prerequisites are researched. The idea is to save the player the
 burden of having to design the same set of templates every game.

 There is currently no support for creating stored templates, however I
 plan to add a button in the unit design screen. In addition I am also
 considering bringing the forces editor back from the dead.

 To get you started: (~/.warzone2100-trunk/templates.ini)
 name                           = Medium Cannon Cobra Half Tracks
 brain                          = 0
 body                           = 32
 propulsion                     = 15
 repair                         = 0
 ecm                            = 0
 sensor                         = 0
 construct                      = 0
 numweaps                       = 1
 weap0                          = 99
 type                           = 0

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