Hi All,

hostuser        = Would be nice to see who hosts that game. (just an int the 
slot (0-7)
user0-7         = yeah i plan that, we don't send that that during the whole 
game just while the game is in lobby (maybe send the whole extended 
dataset just once?)
userstats       = Not important, just to see if someone cheats it, so
                 keep it out if you want that minimalistic.

It's not that much data to save wherever, a solution is maybe to send 
that data somwhere else if kamaze don't want it or the server
is overloaded.


On 2010-07-15 05:54, buginator wrote:
> On 7/11/10, Fastdeath<>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>>   I want to change the current lobby protocol by adding additional data and a
>>   new command "started".
>>   This changes will not brake "old" clients!
>>   The new vars:
>>       * hostuser       hosts slot
> I don't understand what you plan to do with this one...
>>       * user0-7         username from slot 0-7 (or maybe AI-lvl?)
> You mean, adding 8 more fields filled with the user name ? (64 bytes * 8)
>>       * userstats0-7 the current stats of that user (maybe?)
> The stat files are currently around 20 bytes, so (20 bytes * 8) for this.
> Not sure what this is useful for though ?  Too easy to edit them.
>>       * map              the map hosted
>>       * techlvl          the techlevel
> Those can be merged
>>   The new command "started" indicates that the game has been started and is
>>   just there for future use.
> That wouldn't be a problem, and simple enough to do.
> Currently, we just close the connection once the game is started.
>>   With these changes i have the possibility to create a new wzmasterserver,
>>   which saves this data to a database which we can use it to create some
>>   nice community stats and also extend lobby.wz2100.net.
> For writing this all down to a database, that would require Kamaze's
> OK, and we have to think of how much space this this is going to take.
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