#2011: Fixes compile on Windows with Visual Studio 2008
        Reporter:  BlueMaxima         |        Type:  patch (a actual patch, 
not a request for one)
          Status:  new                |    Priority:  major                     
       Milestone:  unspecified        |   Component:  Build system              
         Version:  svn/trunk          |    Keywords:                            
Operating_system:  Microsoft Windows  |   Blockedby:                            
        Blocking:                     |  
 The attached patch has a fix which fixes compile with (this is what I was
 able to test with) Visual C++ 2008 Express on a (again, what I tested
 with) Windows 7 system. It modifies the Warzone2100 solution to exclude
 astar.c (which could not be found) and replaces it with astar.cpp (which
 fixes compile).

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