#2027: Pathfinding around obstacles not working - Trunk
        Reporter:  j0shdrunk0nwar  |        Type:  bug        
          Status:  new             |    Priority:  major      
       Milestone:  unspecified     |   Component:  other      
         Version:  svn/trunk       |    Keywords:  pathfinding
Operating_system:  GNU/Linux       |   Blockedby:             
        Blocking:                  |  
 Units end up stuck at Hardpoints/Bunkers/Walls, any obstacle that is in
 the way of their path. They even get stuck at a cliff if it comes between
 starting point A and destination point B.

 Hmmm.. If my description still isn't clear, well, they should go around
 obstacles that come in the way, not bump into them and remain wedged

 Warzone 2100 - Version TRUNK r11305 - Built Jul 27 2010 - DEBUG

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