#2076: random game abort
        Reporter:  kai                |         Type:  bug               
          Status:  new                |     Priority:  critical          
       Milestone:  unspecified        |    Component:  Engine: Networking
         Version:  2.3.3              |     Keywords:  drop quit         
Operating System:  Microsoft Windows  |   Blocked By:                    
        Blocking:                     |  
 Happens a lot in all 2.3.x since 2.3 beta9 or something. After a while (in
 this case 1 hour 19 minutes in the game, 2 players) the host gets the
 message "Orange has left the game" (while orange is indeed the colour of
 the opponent, but not its nick!) and the client gets the message "Host has
 dropped ..." at the same time. 512 MBit connection, very low ping, no lags
 during game.

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