I was told by Zarel and cybersphinx earlier that you absolutely needed
resolution changing before qt-branch could be merged, and now that
I've started working on it, you tell me you do not want it anyway?
(http://forums.wz2100.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=6611) Instead you come
up with new arguments why windowed fullscreen is unacceptable, which
would have been nice to hear before we spent a ton of time polishing
qt-branch to be merge-worthy. Really. Disappointing.

So where does this leave Qt branch? Writing our own support for true
fullscreen may be tough. I am not sure if using another library to set
true fullscreen then leaving it to Qt to control is even possible. But
I could look into it.

However, if you see any other problems with Qt branch, then please put
them forward now, here, not hide them away for surprises later that
you can drop into a random forum thread.

Or maybe I should just play Starcraft2 instead.

 - Per

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