#2247: Transparent map regions in pre-3.0-1
        Reporter:  aubergine           |         Type:  bug                 
          Status:  new                 |     Priority:  minor               
       Milestone:  3.0                 |    Component:  Engine: Graphics    
         Version:  master and pre-3.0  |     Keywords:  texture map graphics
Operating System:  Mac OS              |   Blocked By:                      
        Blocking:                      |  
 The issue only seemed to appear after winning the skirmish, when the
 camera was returned to base to see the fireworks.

 From that point on, depending on camera position and zoom, parts of the
 map become transparent as shown in attached screenie. I've also attached a
 savegame in case that helps.

 I'm running Mac OS X 10.5.8 on a recent Macbook Pro 13". I'm using the
 fixed graphics drivers as detailed on the downloads page.

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