#2274: Build orders not properly synchronised
  Reporter:  Cyp                 |             Owner:
      Type:  bug                 |            Status:  new
  Priority:  normal              |         Milestone:  unspecified
 Component:  Engine: Networking  |           Version:  git/3.0
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 If telling multiple trucks to build something, then on the other clients,
 only one truck is seen to build, while the others just come to watch the
 one truck building.

 If the trucks were already building something, then the other trucks may
 be seen (on the other clients) to continue building the old structure,
 while going to the location of the new structure, resulting in a mile-long
 construction beam.

 I'm not sure how to fix the missing build order synch for all but the one
 truck, since there doesn't seem to be code to synch build orders for
 ''any'' trucks, not even for the one truck that somehow actually does end
 up building on the other clients. Just reporting in case anyone thinks
 it's worth trying to fix this in 3.0.

 Like most synch bugs, this has existed a long time, probably since
 multiplayer was first (attempted to be) implemented.

 Fixed in master, by rewriting the netcode.

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