On Saturday, 20 November 2010 at 10:32, Paul Wise wrote:
> Hmm. According to buginator/vexed, there are some other issues with
> 2.3.4 that are potentially exploitable remotely:
> http://paste.debian.net/plain/100261
> Not sure if the 3 fixes you suggest are relevant to Debian stable:
> cab4ec0e1e7c4b94d1269428ac29c7c458e6b35d seems to be a UI thing?
> 1d97d98dbb6e3b8b6113d16ac01bc98b3d3405df same

Hm, right, those are not really necessary for 2.3.4. The second fixes a crash,
but that was introduced by the first and is not in 2.3.4. Both together should
fix some handling of unicode strings, but probably nothing critical.

> 3c610c7b8d0affd1d0031f7d73038aabd4c48a5f not sure which context causes
> memory corruption - is that remotely exploitable?

No idea, I'm not interested in exploits, but in the game working ok.

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