#2521: Trac doesn't reject anonymous tickets, but marks about all from not 
in users as spam
  Reporter:  cybersphinx  |             Owner:  Fastdeath
      Type:  bug          |            Status:  new
  Priority:  normal       |         Milestone:  unspecified
 Component:  Website      |           Version:  unspecified
  Keywords:               |  Operating System:  All/Non-Specific
Blocked By:               |          Blocking:
 I guess the requirement for an email address for not logged in users is
 ok, but trac should a. tell anonymous submitters that they need to enter
 an email address, and b. needs some better handling of potential spam
 tickets. Maybe treat all as ham, and mark as spam to train (though that
 might be too much work), or make the filtered tickets more accessible, so
 they can be marked as ham (maybe like e.g. gmx, mail a list of all
 subjects periodically).

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