#2629: Game Crashes out when transport leaves for final alpha mission
        Reporter:  firefly212                  |        Type:  bug
          Status:  new                         |    Priority:  normal
       Milestone:  unspecified                 |   Component:  Campaign
         Version:  master_20110320-Qt version  |    Keywords:
Operating System:  Windows 7                   |  Blocked By:
        Blocking:                              |
 I cheated to get this far... the first time I got this far I hadn't saved,
 so it was weaksauce because the autosave wont even load, says it is
 corrupted. Anyways, when I click to launch the transport, for some reason
 the game thinks I won the mission (dunno why), displays the summary, then
 freezes. I am using the alpha version of the game (20110320qt) with a 9600

 Error message follows:

 [resLoad] Failed to pars wrf/cam2/cam2change.wrf

 blah blah include stderr.txt in your bug report and the rpt file.

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