#2632: Warzone 2100 chapter 2 bug
        Reporter:  ED209            |        Type:  bug
          Status:  new              |    Priority:  major
       Milestone:  unspecified      |   Component:  Campaign
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Operating System:  Windows 7 64bit  |  Blocked By:
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 Whilst playing Warzone2100, just finishing the first campaign, and
 clicking the "continue" button, the game crashed, and I received the
 following error message:

 --- Starting log ---
 error   |01:03:53: [iV_loadImage_PNG] pie_PNGLoadFile:
 PHYSFS_openRead(texpages/page-6-features-urban.png) failed with error:
 File not found

 I googled this and found a thread that answered and fixed the issue,
 unfortunately the link for the patch is broken:


 WZ Developer Giel found the problem:

 $ grep soft `find data | grep \\.wrf$`
 data/wrf/cam2/cam2change.wrf:file               TEXPAGE         "page-9
 -player-soft buildings-bases-urban.png"  //need altering to urban**DONE**
 data/wrf/cam3/cam3change.wrf:file               TEXPAGE         "page-9
 -player-soft buildings-bases-rockies.png"        //needs changing**DONE**

 He then issued the patch " warzone_2.0.7-fix1.wz " to replace
 "warzone2100.wz", which worked, but the link is broken since it's five
 years old.

 Could somebody, anybody ask Giel to dig up this patch and include it in
 the latest alpha version, I love this game and am grateful you guys
 brought it back to life, but it's still only half as good as it could be
 without finishing the 2'nd campaign.

 Thanks for your time :twisted:  :twisted:  :twisted:

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