#2695: Crashes after a few minutes in Skirmish mode
        Reporter:  onefish@…                   |        Type:  bug
          Status:  new                         |    Priority:  normal
       Milestone:  unspecified                 |   Component:  other
         Version:  master_20110320-Qt version  |    Keywords:
Operating System:  GNU/Linux 32bit             |  Blocked By:
        Blocking:                              |
 After playing in Skirmish mode for 5-10 minutes, and building power, HQ,
 researching a few things, and building maybe 15 units (say 5 construction,
 and 10 machinegun tanks) the game randomly locks up.  No response AT all.
 I have to press the reset button.  I'm currently running Ubuntu 10.10, my
 video card is a GeForce 7600 GS with NVIDIA driver version 270.41.06.
 Driver version doesn't seem to matter, nor does the game version, this was
 happening with git/master 022811 also, it's just now become enough of an
 annoyance to report.  There were some games I would play for 30 minutes
 and it would lock up like this.  Confused and annoyed.  I think I may just
 delete the installation and start by compiling from scratch.

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