On 2011-07-11 23:52, Per Inge Mathisen wrote:
1) All map files contain a<map name>.ini file - this replaces the
current<map name>.gam file and the map's addon.lev entry.
2) Maps are moved to data/maps/ which contains<map name>.ini and
either a<map name>.zip OR a<map name>/ directory for each map
3) On game binary startup, the maps/ directory is iterated for .zip
files that do not have a corresponding .ini file. Each of them are
mounted, and the .ini file is extracted. This way we have a complete
.ini coverage of all maps.
4) In pregame, only the .ini files are consulted for GUI purposes. The
maps are never mounted before one is selected (for preview).

I completely agree with 1. it will make things a lot simpler.

For 2,3,4: I think its easier to load ALL maps in the GUI and read
the ini's from the zip's.
That why we don't have to keep the ini's in sync (update/removal).

My proposal:
1.) Keep all maps as .zip file including the internal ones.
2.) Mount all .zips and read the ini's at the GUI.
3.) Tell the binary which .zip to load at game startup.

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