#2902: Final Mission Doesn't End when NEXUS's Base is Destroyed
        Reporter:  Shadow Wolf TJC  |        Type:  bug
          Status:  new              |    Priority:  normal
       Milestone:  unspecified      |   Component:  Campaign
         Version:  2.3.8            |    Keywords:
Operating System:  Windows XP       |  Blocked By:
        Blocking:                   |
 I've destroyed all of NEXUS's structures and units on the final mission,
 and for some reason, the mission refuses to end. Apparently, other people
 have experienced this as well, most notably YouTube member DarkyErinyes,
 who did a playthrough of this game, and was forced to cheat (on part 144
 of his playthrough) to finish the mission.

 Someone that commented on that video claims that the bug is triggered by
 destroying the VTOL base just east of NEXUS's main base, so avoiding it
 seemed to allow him to complete the level without resorting to cheating.
 It's only a comment, but I do think that it's worth investigating.

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