#3049: Can start Multiplayer game without any Opponents
        Reporter:  JDW               |       Type:  bug
          Status:  new               |   Priority:  normal
       Milestone:  unspecified       |  Component:  other
         Version:  master_20120109   |   Keywords:  Multiplayer Opponents
  (Specify if you are using SDL or   |  Instant Win
  Qt)                                |   Blocking:
      Blocked By:                    |
Operating System:  GNU/Linux 32bit   |
 Host a multiplayer game. For this to work, you will need at least one
 other player to join. once the other player has joined, make him your ally
 and both of you should simply click on Ready. The game will load and then
 you and your team mate will have an instant win.

 SDL version

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