#3062: wrong number of assigned units to a commander when saving and loading
        Reporter:  matthewfarmery                |       Type:  bug
          Status:  new                           |   Priority:  normal
       Milestone:  unspecified                   |  Component:  other
         Version:  master_20120109 (Specify if   |   Keywords:
  you are using SDL or Qt)                       |   Blocking:
      Blocked By:                                |
Operating System:  Windows 7 64bit               |
 When using commanders in either SP or skirmish, assign some units to a
 commander, say 6, save the game and reload it, then check the commander
 menu, and I see that the number of units assigned to the commander returns
 to 1, even though the commander has the units already assigned to it, so 6
 units that are still assigned to the commander still there upon game load,
 but the commander screen, only shows that there is only 1 unit assigned to
 the commander, the only way to right this is to unassigned those units and
 reassign them, but that can be an annoying process if your in a middle of
 a battle say

 using the latest snapshot of the master, master_20120109  and I do not see
 this problem with the 2.3.9 line

 as for if I'm using SDL or Qt, I don't know, I got the version from the
 front page of the main site, so no idea which version Im running, using
 windows 7, so windows version,

 I have included my latest save, not sure what else to add, as this issue
 is pretty easy to duplicate

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