On Monday, 23 January 2012 at 21:04, buginator wrote:
> > - Possibly wait for the official sdl 1.2.15.
> http://www.libsdl.org/download-1.2.php
> It is out.

Good. The mingw-cross-env on the server is updated.

> > Maybe we don't have to wait for that...
> >
> > - Then branch 3.1, and do a beta1 release immediately.
> >
> > And for this, git-flow or the old way? A properly done git-flow has the
> > advantage of commit hashes being the same in different branches, making
> > changelog writing easier. If we keep the old way, I guess I'll only do
> > it for 3.1, not master.
> I am not sure what needs to be done, we keep doing commits (bug fixes)
> to master like always, and have new features in their own branch, and
> then finally merge that back into master and remove that branch.
> If so, that could be quite the challenge trying to get everyone on the
> same page, and up to speed.
> It becomes hellish switching to new branches because of compiler cache
> files and there is currently no way for git to 'pack up' these files
> when you switch to the new branch, so things become clobbered.
> Anyway, the main thing about this is, that we are a very small group,
> and I just don't see people creating feature branches for the heck of
> it, since most of us just work locally, and when done, we either throw
> a patch on trac, or just commit it anyway.  The only exception to this
> would be if they are going to alter Warzone in a way that most people
> wouldn't like, so for major changes, that needs to be in a branch.

Well, I'd like for features that potentially break the releasability of
master to go into branches, since otherwise we'll end up with the same
mess again.

> Since you already made 3.1, I just want to make sure we are clear on
> how we will handle this going forward.

So far the plan seems to be to ignore it.

> Namely, once we start up on the 'beta cycle', there will be no new
> features allowed, it will be locked down, and only bug fixes are
> applied.

Sure. And if we don't need three years again to get to 3.2, we might
even succeed there.

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