#3082: (SDL builds only) Menu items don't rotate properly when the mouse is
hovered over them
 Reporter:  Mysteryem                |             Owner:
     Type:  bug                      |            Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                   |         Milestone:  unspecified
Component:  Engine: GUI              |           Version:  master_20120109
 Keywords:  user interface rotate    |  (Specify if you are using SDL or
  menu research designs units SDL    |  Qt)
  QT                                 |        Blocked By:
 Blocking:                           |  Operating System:  All/Non-Specific
 (this is present for me, using the SDL version of 20120109 and the
 nightlies (presumably SDL), but it is not present in master_20111204
 (presumably QT)[[BR]]

 When hovering the mouse over any research/structures/designs in the GUI,
 they will not spin round like they usually do. Either, they won't move at
 all, or they will move very slowly.

 Even on the design screen, the unit being designed will usually stay
 either completely motionless or be very slow unless I change a part of the
 design, at which point it will rotate ever so slightly.

 Most oddly, if I begin recording with msi afterburner, the speed at which
 the rotation happens increases drastically. The position of the camera in
 the map at the time and which map it is also seems to play a big role in
 the speed that it rotates.

 On Sk-Rush, they seemingly never move (except when altering a unit
 design), if 'get off my land' is used (or you win), they seem to rotate
 faster as the fireworks show up (this happens on all maps). If godmode
 (crtl+g) is used (not yet able to reproduce on anything but sk-rush), near
 the edge of the map, they never rotate, but if I move the camera to the
 middle of the map, everything rotates much faster (thought it might be
 releated to the fog, but couldn't reproduce on other maps)

 I've never had problems before QT was introduced and I have no noticable
 framerate differences or CPU usage between the two versions. I'm not
 really sure what's going on, so I've created this ticket anyway, my guess
 is that it's probably specific to my system.

 Currently on:[[BR]]
 Windows XP 32 bit[[BR]]
 AMD Athlon II X4 640 processor[[BR]]
 ATI Radeon HD 5670 graphics card

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