On 10/19/05, Christian Ohm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wednesday, 19 October 2005 at  7:11, Victor Qamly at BerliOS wrote:

> > Note, you need new data set which I will release shortly (for menu).
> Why don't you do this in the branch, and change the data accordingly?
> Why do people have to wait for a new data release that will happen at
> some undefined time in the future? (Apart from the question "Why should
> all changes on the branch be ported here instead of doing stuff there?")
Do what in branch?  Upload the dataset?  You *can* still use the
original .wz set I have, but it will have 'error text' in the menu

I didn't upload the data to svn, since a) Per is/has done it, and b)
It will be up soon.  It isn't as if everyone wants this version *NOW*,
they can wait a few days while I stick all the stuff in it that I
need.  (music, maps, all the readme files and so on--I can REALLY use
some help on this, check out how the other releases were done, and
start modifing.  )
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