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> On Thursday, 20 October 2005 at 17:47, Qamly wrote:
> My comments on the README (partly also applies to the info screen you
> mentioned in another mail):
>> ========================================================
>> Warzone 2100 GPL
>> Version (beta)
> Beta?

Yeah, it is always beta.  On Berlios, it states BETA stage also.

>> 0) Welcome back !
> Remove the "0)" (or the whole line).
>> Warzone 2100 was an innovative 3D real-time strategy game back in 1999, 
>> and most
>> will agree it didn't enjoy the commercial success it should have had. The 
>> game's
> "Most will agree"? Sounds too subjective to me.
>> source code was liberated on December 6th, 2004, under a GPL license (see
> "Liberated" is a bit biased, too. How about "released"?
>> COPYING in this directory for details). Soon after that, the Warzone 2100 
>> ReDev
>> project was formed to take care of its future.
> "ReDev"?

Whoops... should be Warzone 2100 GPL

>> Our goal is to make warzone run on all possible platforms. Therefore, we
>> stripped the original code of all proprietary technologies and replaced 
>> them
>> with cross-platform and free equivalents, like OpenGL, OpenAL, etc... 
>> Right
>> now, Warzone 2100 works very well on Windows and GNU/Linux, and we have 
>> even
> Remove "even".
>> heard of it running on BSD with no particular issue.
> Add "It should be able to port it to most little-endian platforms where
> the required libraries are available with little effort."
>> What you get here is the early product of our collective work. We're not 
>> pros,
>> we just like the game, so bear with us, and feel free to join us if you 
>> think
>> you can do better.
> Replace by "Unlike Pumpkin Studios, the current developers aren't
> working on Warzone 2100 professionally, and if we don't meet your
> expectations be patient or join us if you think you can help us."

Sounds good.

>> We are in need of coders, testers, and gfx (both 2d textures & 3D
>> modelers) people
>> for ALL platforms (windows, linux, mac...)  so tell your friends!
> "We do need coders and testers for all platforms."
> Well, I think we should concentrate on the code right now, if we don't
> find enough people to make replacing models and textures feasible. But
> maybe add some blurb about that as well.

I just thought if some artists want to join up, they can, coders can still
be working on code, and the artists can take their time doing new
tilesets and or models.

>> This project is located here:
>> http://developer.berlios.de/projects/warzone/
>> Warzone fan site forums are here:
>> http://www.realtimestrategies.net/forums/index.php
>> You'll have most chances to find us in the development section.
> "Our website is located at http://warzone.berlios.de.

Who did the banners for that?  They need to be changed.
I rather leave this out, and just have the link project link instead,
then if they want to go to the homepage, they can hit the link.

> To contact us, write a mail to our mailing list:
> You can also use the forums at
> http://www.realtimestrategies.net/forums/index.php, or try to catch us
> Our bugtracker is located at
> http://developer.berlios.de/bugs/?group_id=2909.";
>> Also PLEASE report all bugs you may find to either:
>> bugtracker @ http://developer.berlios.de/bugs/?group_id=2909
>> or if you dislike that, then post in the forums @
>> http://www.realtimestrategies.net/forums/index.php
>> or send it to our mailing list @
>> warzone-dev@lists.berlios.de
>> Be as detailed as possible, and note the revision number of the
>> game.
>> Thanks!
>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> 1) Command-line options.
>> Note, command line options apply to BOTH windows & linux users.
>> For windows users, you can make a shortcut and if game is install on
> "... shortcut and if the game is installed in ..."

Think I will just make a shorcut for them instead, but the info still

>> c:\warzone, then the shorcut command line would be (for example):
> Replace the path with the one the installer uses by default.


> "... shorTcut command line could be""


> And it gets worse after that... I need more time to go over that, but I
> don't know if I have it this weekend... I'll follow up on this if
> possible...

Just a FYI, most of this stuff was copied from the original.  I slightly
changed a few things around.  Yes, we could use better 'wording'.

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