On Saturday, 22 October 2005 at 11:33, Dennis Schridde wrote:
> Am Samstag, 22. Oktober 2005 03:08 schrieb Qamly:
> > > "Our website is located at http://warzone.berlios.de.
> >
> > Who did the banners for that?
> Coyote
> > They need to be changed.

Oh, you meant the logo with "banner"...

> Why? I think they are good and look similar to what I had in mind when I made 
> the first one.
> I only would change the ratio like this:
> Move the "Warzone 2100" into the black, should be better readable.
> Shrink the red part.
> Make the GPL a bit transparent and put it above the tank.
> I will try it today and see how it looks like...

Here's a rather old one I made. I posted the link to the list, but
nobody cared to comment... I could redo that to fit the new name.


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