On Tuesday, 25 October 2005 at 16:21, Mike Gilmore wrote:
> Greetings,
> This is my first time using mailman, so I hope I do everything right...  
> Here goes...

Looks right to me :)

> Personally, I would recommend against a conversion of WorldEdit to work in 
> Linux.  WorldEdit has many, many, many, ..., many issues and I think that a 
> new one should be built ground-up if anyone is ambitious enough to make the 
> conversion.

I think the plan is to keep WorldEdit working, so people can make maps
that work with the new data formats, but not port it to Linux.

> Even the Pumpkin developers said the version of WorldEdit they used to 
> create the campaigns was extremely unstable.  Even the WorldEdit program 
> that they released to the end users (a slightly simpler version than theirs 
> with less campaign-specific functionality) was pretty buggy and would 
> frequently crash during regular use.
> I don't know how many of you have actually looked at WorldEdit's source, 

Only Qamly, I think.

> but WorldEdit isn't worth the effort, really, and (I hate to say it) I 
> think maps for the game ought to just be rolled out in the unstable Windows 
> version until a new more stable, more all-inclusive crossplatform WorldEdit 
> can be created.
> Also, WorldEdit was created with MFC (VERY windows specific), which pretty 
> much axes ANY hopes of directly porting it over to Linux.  Really, 
> WorldEdit is a big ugly mess and I don't want you guys to waste your 
> precious time working on something that really isn't worth it right now.

I don't think anybody is seriously thinking about porting it to Linux.

> But when it gets to the point where the Dev. Project needs more/better 
> development tools, then WorldEdit should be revisited.  And by this, I mean 
> TNT'd and completely rebuilt from the ground-up.  We could also get rid of 
> Pumpkin's Microsoft Access development tool and integrate it into 
> WorldEdit, with a GUI script editor.  That would be pretty cool :)

Get started, then :)

Seriously, this needs input from those making maps (apart from someone
to program it), so a feature list might be a good start.

> >There is one really large file (test.bmp, 45MB, a 4800x4800 bitmap,
> >black wtih dark grey border) that takes most of the used space (90MB
> >because a copy is in .svn). Is this file used for anything? Even if it
> >is, it looks so simple it could be regenerated by a few lines of code...
> Well, a few thousand lines of code, you mean?

No. Just a "fill this 45MB with dark grey, and then fill the middle
(yeah, not quite) with black" kind of thing. Easy.

> The bmp is just an overhead WorldEdit screen dump of the map "Rush."  You 
> can safely get rid of it, it serves no purpose.

OK. Then I'll delete it. Anything else in there that's useless?

Would you care to view the ruins of my good intentions?
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