Revision: 9945

Author:   zarelsl
Date:     2010-02-21 17:42:16 +0000 (Sun, 21 Feb 2010)

Log Message:
Rebalance 0.7.0 - The cannon overhaul.

Cannons and rails have their original 1.10 HP levels restored.

- Heavy Cannon was moved later-game
- Assault Cannon, Twin Assault Cannon, and Hyper Velocity Cannon were moved 
earlier-game (and rebalanced accordingly)
- Assault Cannon, Twin Assault Cannon, were made lighter
- Hyper Velocity Cannon can now hit air units, penetrate units, and is lighter, 
but reloads more slowly and has less HP. It no longer replaces Medium Cannon
- Plasma Cannon has been made into a cannon (prereqs: HPV + Inferno + DSLDA3), 
and has been rebalanced accordingly.
- Hyper Velocity Cannon can now hit air.
- Cannons, rails, mortars, and howitzers have their splash damage increased.
- Ripples and Archies have been nerfed.
- Lancer has had its damage slightly nerfed. A full lancer rebalance is planned 
for later.
- Analogous changes have been done to the corresponding cyborgs and VTOL 
weapons, as well.

("Rebalanced accordingly" means that the component price, research price, and 
damage have been adjusted to fit the new techlevel.)

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