Branch: refs/heads/master

Commit: f4ef3e66582e7c7f5b85277ebdee1fbe2df439e7
Author: Per Inge Mathisen <>
Date:   2011-01-17 (Mon, 17 Jan 2011)

Changed paths:
  M src/basedef.h
  M src/component.cpp
  M src/design.cpp
  M src/display.cpp
  M src/display3d.cpp
  M src/droid.h
  M src/oprint.cpp
  M src/stats.cpp
  M src/stats.h
  M src/structure.cpp
  M src/structure.h
  M src/visibility.cpp
  M src/visibility.h

Log Message:
Various random fixes from ECM jammer work committed separately to reduce review 
and maintenance burden of main patch.

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