Branch: refs/heads/master

Commit: fb626e0b593583f39bd2522ccce66e399e8302cb
Author: buginator <>
Date:   2011-01-29 (Sat, 29 Jan 2011)

Changed paths:
  R win32/Warzone2100.vs2k8.sln
  R win32/Warzone2100.vs2k8.vcproj
  R win32/warzone2100.vs2k8.rc

Log Message:
Removed neglected project files for VS2k8.
Use VS2k5 project files to convert to VS2k8 or VS2k10.

NOTE: If you are using VS2K10, you *MUST* recompile all libs in the devpackage, 
or it will not work.
At this time, I am currently keeping VS2k5 files up-to-date.

Commit: 87c9f38dc31215ebdc6f953d482ef7bcb9cf2864
Author: buginator <>
Date:   2011-01-29 (Sat, 29 Jan 2011)

Changed paths:
  M lib/framework/frame.h
  M lib/framework/resource_lexer.l
  M lib/framework/strres_lexer.l
  M lib/framework/wzglobal.h
  M lib/gamelib/audp_lexer.l
  M lib/script/chat_lexer.l
  M lib/script/script_lexer.l
  M src/level_lexer.l
  M src/message_lexer.l
  M src/scriptvals_lexer.l

Log Message:
Revert "Add guard to YY_NO_UNISTD_H definition."

This reverts commit f1ebbe6eba00213bf5b754618cd42d2163912551.

Revert "Set never-interactive option in lexers so that Flex doesn't use 
isatty() function from unistd."

This reverts commit c046bb88e5b2562d8159e9555e397b24ab9b7f16.

see ticket:2444 for more info.
close ticket:2444

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