Branch: refs/heads/2.3

Commit: adeacf66a1954a87fcfc2d950a7b890e20bf6d5d
Author: the_cybersphinx <>
Date:   2011-05-10 (Tue, 10 May 2011)

Changed paths:
  M src/display3d.c

Log Message:
Show power generator effects for all players.

Commit: aa3eed6c8fc8a77eb0e6bef7037ba110cfa9d69b
Author: cybersphinx <>
Date:   2011-05-10 (Tue, 10 May 2011)

Changed paths:
  M lib/framework/configfile.c
  M lib/framework/debug.c
  M lib/framework/debug.h
  M lib/framework/frame.c
  M lib/framework/frame.h
  M lib/framework/frameint.h
  M lib/framework/frameresource.c
  M lib/framework/frameresource.h
  M lib/framework/i18n.c
  M lib/framework/input.c
  M lib/framework/input.h
  M lib/framework/macros.h
  M lib/framework/math_ext.h
  M lib/framework/resly.h
  M lib/framework/stdio_ext.c
  M lib/framework/stdio_ext.h
  M lib/framework/string_ext.h
  M lib/framework/strres.c
  M lib/framework/tagfile.c
  M lib/framework/trig.c
  M lib/framework/vector.h
  M src/action.c
  M src/combat.c
  M src/difficulty.c
  M src/display3d.c
  M src/formation.c
  M src/fpath.c

Log Message:
Include/declaration cleanup for lib/framework.

Refs #1647.


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