Branch: refs/heads/master

  Commit: be2c105b7a2035e145688569b8d351275653531a
  Author: Buginator <>
  Date:   2011-06-25 (Sat, 25 Jun 2011)

  Changed paths:
    M lib/exceptionhandler/exceptionhandler.vcxproj
  M lib/framework/framework.vcxproj
  M lib/gamelib/gamelib.vcxproj
  M lib/ivis_opengl/ivis_opengl.vcxproj
  M lib/netplay/netplay.vcxproj
  M lib/script/script.vcxproj
  M lib/sequence/sequence.vcxproj
  M lib/sound/sound.vcxproj
  M lib/widget/widget.vcxproj
  M src/Warzone2100.vcxproj
  M win32/Warzone2100.sln

  Log Message:
  Update build for Release builds & using STLport.
Update release builds to SSE2 + STLport.

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