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  Commit: bca85c1cf3434a8fada651978f6a520fed21b9a0
  Author: Per Inge Mathisen <>
  Date:   2011-12-29 (Thu, 29 Dec 2011)

  Changed paths:
    M src/qtscriptfuncs.cpp

  Log Message:
  qtscript: Add more documentation.

  Commit: cf4dc9c9adaa64d3d325001c2a7291988e14e289
  Author: Per Inge Mathisen <>
  Date:   2011-12-29 (Thu, 29 Dec 2011)

  Changed paths:
    M data/base/effects/fxaalsh2.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxaalsht.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxcam20.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxcammo.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxgammo.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxgammoh.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxgammom.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxhplme.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxlflsh.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxmflare.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxmplme.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxplammo.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxsplme.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxtracer.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxtracer_twin.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxtracerh.pie
  M data/base/effects/fxtracr2.pie
  M data/mp/effects/fxshcana.pie
  M data/mp/effects/fxshgssa.pie
  M src/display3d.cpp
  M src/effects.cpp

  Log Message:
  Merge branch 'master' of


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