Branch: refs/heads/bugfixes
  Commit: ae59186a07a026ae6dfb4acc78c657f7ca10d279
  Author: Cyp <>
  Date:   2012-02-06 (Mon, 06 Feb 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M src/hci.cpp
  M src/research.cpp

  Log Message:
  Fix another research cancellation not registering in UI.

If cancelling a research by clicking on the current research, in the research 
menu (not
right-clicking on the facility), then the next completed research in the same 
would linger after completion.

Research is cancelled twice when clicking on the current research, but was 
registered as cancelling three times, confusing the facility. Also, when 
cancelling, the
second cancellation would fail to be registered, due to the ID of the research 
not being sent.

Fixes ticket:3130.

  Commit: 24d0d1b64c115a82ea52cd06e8dd7322c7d8beea
  Author: Cyp <>
  Date:   2012-02-06 (Mon, 06 Feb 2012)

  Changed paths:
    M src/template.cpp

  Log Message:
  Always show droids in production, even if obsolete.

This allows cancelling production of obsolete droids, without cancelling all 
production in the factory.

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