Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: cf6a3692b8eea2d028b0f9b64d59c2308a588295
  Author: NoQ <>
  Date:   2014-11-01 (Sat, 01 Nov 2014)

  Changed paths:
    M src/action.cpp
    M src/order.cpp
    M src/transporter.cpp

  Log Message:
  qtscript: Call the right event on transporter exit.

It used to be known as CALL_START_NEXT_LEVEL in wzscript,
but in fact this is the event of the transporter flying
far enough from the LZ to trigger the start
of the offworld mission.

It does not seem to cause ambiguity with the event
of the transporter actually crossing the map boundary
(eg., after landing on the away mission).

  Commit: efc04bd7f3266b3098c12f5860b2dd5d20b6dad9
  Author: NoQ <>
  Date:   2014-11-01 (Sat, 01 Nov 2014)

  Changed paths:
    A data/base/script/campaign/cam1-2s.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/libcampaign.js
    R data/base/script/data/cam1-2s.vlo
    R data/base/script/text/cam1-2s.slo
    M data/base/wrf/basic.wrf
    M data/base/wrf/cam1/cam1a.wrf
    M data/base/wrf/cam1/cam1b.wrf
    M data/base/wrf/cam1/sub1-2s.wrf
    M data/base/wrf/fastplay/fastdemo.wrf
    M data/base/wrf/tutorial/newtut.wrf
    M po/

  Log Message:
  jscam: Convert cam1-2s.{vlo,slo} into cam1-2s.js.

In the process:
- add a new sort of victory conditions for the pre-away mission.
- fix defeat on mission timeout (aint automatic).
- start fixing loading rules.js for the converted levels.
- fix the file, adding campaign scripts here.
- add a new function: camSetupTransporter.
- fix crash when "let me win" is called and some
  in-object artifacts were already picked up

refs ticket:4234

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