Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: 656b6ffd96a6d0a052325788ac5c18cf3b6a7b54
  Author: KJeff01 <>
  Date:   2017-08-03 (Thu, 03 Aug 2017)

  Changed paths:
    A data/base/script/campaign/cam3-1.js
    A data/base/script/campaign/cam3-1s.js
    R data/base/script/data/cam3-1.vlo
    R data/base/script/data/cam3-1s.vlo
    R data/base/script/data/cam3-1x.vlo
    R data/base/script/data/count3-1.vlo
    R data/base/script/data/vtols3-1.vlo
    R data/base/script/text/cam3-1x.slo
    M data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-1.wrf
    A data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-1/labels.json
    M data/base/wrf/cam3/sub3-1s.wrf

  Log Message:
  Convert cam3-1(s) {.vlo,.slo} to cam3-1(s).js

Combines 3-1x.vlo and count3-1.vlo in addition to any other related files for 
this mission.

Delete cam3-1.vlo
Delete cam3-1s.vlo
Delete cam3-1x.vlo
Delete count3-1.vlo
Delete vtols3-1.vlo
Delete cam3-1x.slo

  Commit: 7e0baa0d793d1e443ccf00737ade363de2ca5638
  Author: KJeff01 <>
  Date:   2017-08-03 (Thu, 03 Aug 2017)

  Changed paths:
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam1-2.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam1-3.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam1-4a.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam1-5.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam1-7.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam1-d.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam1c.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam1end.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam2-2.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam2-5.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam2-6.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam2-7.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam2-8.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam2-d.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam3-1.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/libcampaign.js

  Log Message:
  Update group tactics and nerf Insane in campaign.

Make timers more practical in Insane difficulty. Additionally, do not change 
transport times with difficulty.
Group tactics are written cleaner.
cam1-3 and cam1-c had basically no research for the New Paradigm so now they 
get very basic research in those missions.

  Commit: 4d446fac8ec4ce43d6ac97a0e944981a979b60fd
  Author: KJeff01 <>
  Date:   2017-08-03 (Thu, 03 Aug 2017)

  Changed paths:
    M po/

  Log Message:

Update for the campaign conversion of 3-1(s).

  Commit: e4a28f7251b12d7b4e78c332511c7558ba6045ba
  Author: KJeff01 <>
  Date:   2017-08-03 (Thu, 03 Aug 2017)

  Changed paths:
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam2-6.js

  Log Message:
  Update cam2-6.js

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