Branch: refs/heads/master
  Commit: cfe31d4016a7c3864eefcf6b639b67e29ec614e8
  Author: KJeff01 <>
  Date:   2017-08-10 (Thu, 10 Aug 2017)

  Changed paths:
    M data/base/messages/prox3b.txt
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam3-1.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/cam3-1s.js
    A data/base/script/campaign/cam3-b.js
    M data/base/script/campaign/libcampaign.js
    R data/base/script/data/cam3b.vlo
    R data/base/script/data/cam3btech.vlo
    R data/base/script/data/cam3bx.vlo
    R data/base/script/data/vtols3b.vlo
    R data/base/script/text/cam3bx.slo
    M data/base/wrf/cam3/cam3b.wrf
    A data/base/wrf/cam3/cam3b/labels.json
    M po/
    M src/ai.cpp

  Log Message:
  Convert cam3-b{.vlo,.slo} to cam3-b.js

Set the mission time properly in cam3-1s instead in cam3-1.
Add some yet to be used nexus functionality in the campaign library.
Fix human player droid structure targeting behavior in campaign.

Delete cam3b.vlo
Delete cam3btech.vlo
Delete cam3bx.vlo
Delete vtols3b.vlo
Delete cam3bx.slo

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