#3651: Cannot host multiplayer
 Reporter:  Cyp                                |             Owner:  vexed
     Type:  bug                                |            Status:  new
 Priority:  blocker                            |         Milestone:  3.1
Component:  other                              |           Version:  3.1
 Keywords:  aaargh, possibly_broken_rc1, eeek  |  and master
 Blocking:                                     |        Blocked By:
                                               |  Operating System:  All
                                               |  /Non-Specific
 Noone tested if multiplayer works, in the last month or so..?

 "needs updated server code" — and is there updated server code?

 329572779ae2e383b6bd668078ee4ecffe173dc4 is the first bad commit
 commit 329572779ae2e383b6bd668078ee4ecffe173dc4
 Date:   Sat Jan 21 22:12:25 2012 -0400

     Add last part of net patch (needs updated server code).

 :040000 040000 c3419a5e46049e135c45418da285a859e18448ed
 d41c7494f77b08ebbcdf2f33187f08bccb7239ee M      lib
 :040000 040000 0ad7d407e6c490279263108a303767aa3b3f616f
 8e8fbb390c6842efc20ba4100b67aceaba562d89 M      src

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