#3666: Fullscreen problem on new 15" rMBP
        Reporter:  deet  |       Type:  bug
          Status:  new   |   Priority:  normal
       Milestone:        |  Component:  Engine: Graphics
  unspecified            |   Keywords:  OSX, rMBP, retina, fullscreen,
         Version:  3.1   |  graphics
  beta11                 |   Blocking:
      Blocked By:        |
Operating System:  Mac   |
  OS 10.7                |
 Graphics mode "fullscreen" on a new retina-display Macbook Pro results in
 an uncentered introduction screen.  The visible pointer no longer makes
 the choices "white" when rolling over.  You need to move your cursor down
 and to the left (over nothing of note) in order to get the option choices
 to "light up".  I can't even quit the game because that choice is at the
 bottom and I can't get my mouse low enough (it runs into the bottom of the
 screen preventing me from reaching that option with my off-centered mouse

 PS, you need to add Mac OS 10.8 to your choices (I selected 10.7 because
 you do not have 10.8 listed).

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