#3753: Can't scroll down with mouse. It works only with down key...
        Reporter:        |       Type:  bug
  junkbeb@…              |   Priority:  normal
          Status:  new   |  Component:  Input system (mouse / keyboard) QT
       Milestone:        |  backend
  unspecified            |   Keywords:  mouse scrolling down
         Version:  3.1   |   Blocking:
  rc 3                   |
      Blocked By:        |
Operating System:        |
  GNU/Linux 32bit        |
 Ubuntu 12.04 + Warzone 2.3.9 was working fine.

 Since installation of Warzone 3.1 RC3 like this:

 apt-get install build-essential automake flex bison libpng12-dev
 libsdl1.2-dev libopenal-dev libphysfs-dev libvorbis-dev libtheora-dev
 libglc-dev libglew1.5-dev libxrandr-dev zip unzip libqt4-opengl-dev
 libqt4-network libqjson-dev

 ./autogen.sh && ./configure && make

 Then I can launch 2.3.9 or 3.1, but in both cases, I can't scroll down in
 the game (going down over the map).
 Too bad, its a great game.

 Thanks for your help.

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