#3817: enumFeature(-1) not listing features
 Reporter:  aubergine                            |             Owner:  per
     Type:  bug                                  |            Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                               |         Milestone:
Component:  JavaScript Issues                    |  unspecified
 Keywords:  enumfeature, features, api, empty,   |           Version:  3.1
  script                                         |  and master
                                                 |  Operating System:  All
                                                 |  /Non-Specific
 JS API enumFeature(-1) should list all features on the map irrespective of
 player visibility of the features, but seems not to.

 See attached AI that illustrates the issue (try it on sk-Startup which
 definitely has features on that map). The script will throw an error if
 enumFeature(-1) doesn't return any features.

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