#3837: Some fixes for Nexus and Semperfi AIs
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 Following a talk in
 http://forums.wz2100.net/viewtopic.php?f=42&t=10010&p=114804#p114793 , i
 propose several patches to our wzscript AIs (Nexus and Semperfi).

 This patch addresses the following bug that affects both 3.1 and master:
 AI sometimes starts building a module but then abandons it and goes
 building something else. I didn't really understand why does the bug
 occur, but this patch seems to fix the most critical part of the problem:
 when starting in, for example, T3 no bases setting the AI leaves a
 generator half-upgraded and then gets stuck with no power.

 This patch further fixes Nexus and Semperfi to not get stuck with no power
 by disabling certain procedures unless it starts having income. This,
 together with the previous patch, is a critical fix to make AIs work at
 all in T3 no bases mode on master (for instance, the AI will no longer
 spend $450 on a research project when it didn't build a power generator
 yet) and probably necessary on 3.1 (didn't test; the only difference is
 starting conditions, i think). In fact, even in T1 no bases mode several
 cases of AI getting stuck with no power were observed on master (in rare
 events when he somehow sends both original trucks to build derricks).

 Since we are digging into wzscript again anyway, i propose this little fix
 for the most annoying issue of the original AI: never attacking you with
 cyborgs (only with supercyborgs on the very late game phase). The
 defensive function of cyborgs is still preserved. Patching Semperfi only,
 because we want Nexus to be close to the original AI.

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