#3849: ALL howitzers, ballistic missiles, etc., aming only ONE target at the 
 Reporter:  franconian              |             Owner:  Per
     Type:  bug                     |            Status:  new
 Priority:  normal                  |         Milestone:  unspecified
Component:  Engine: Scripting / AI  |           Version:  git/master
 Keywords:                          |  Operating System:  All/Non-Specific
 A group of ballistic weapons (e.g. howitzers, angel missiles) can only aim
 one target at the same time. The next target can be fired upon not before
 the previous target has been destroyed.

 This usually does not hurt if your targets are within close distance,
 however it renders your Groundshakers and your Archangel Missiles nearly
 useless if your targets are far away. For example:

 There is a single hostile Cyborg detected by your sensors. ONE missile is
 fired (that's ok, it's sufficient for one cyborg). This missile will be
 under way for several seconds until it reaches (and destroys) the Cyborg.
 While this missile is in the air, no other missiles are fired. Even if you
 have plenty of them and a hostile convoy is moving towards your base.

 This unfortunate behaviour is new since a few weeks.

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