#3907: Units created on a LZ mission are not visible
 Reporter:  Seraph    |             Owner:
     Type:  bug       |            Status:  new
 Priority:  normal    |         Milestone:  unspecified
Component:  Campaign  |           Version:  3.1.0
 Keywords:            |  Operating System:  Windows 7
 Units created on a LZ mission are not visible on the campaign map after
 the mission, if a savegame is made and then reloaded after creating them.

 With the provided files it is easy to reduplicate the bug:

 "Mis03" Savegame is at the end of Mission 3 Alpha Campaign, before any
 units have been created.
 "Mis03 Created 1 ViperHMG" Savegame is after a Viper Wheels HMG unit was
 manufactured, but the unit is not visible in the main base when mission 4
 is started.

 Use the "Mis03" to create a unit and then end the mission, it will be
 where expected in the next mission.
 Do the same, but save the game right after it has been manufactured and
 reload the savegame, then end the mission, and it is no longer visible
 anymore in the next mission.

 However, the invisible unit can still be called for as a reinforcement,
 when on a LZ mission and reinforcements are possible.

 PM me if you believe hardware specs are important or have any questions.

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