#4144: Computer out of rescures in the beginning
        Reporter:  belsby           |      Owner:
            Type:  bug              |     Status:  new
        Priority:  normal           |  Milestone:  unspecified
       Component:  other            |    Version:  3.1.1
Operating System:  Windows 7 64bit  |
 Computer out of oil in the beginning of the  game, please see attachment.
 When playing the game, the last v. and the v. before, the computer stop
 building, because out of oil, i guess this i a bug? As you se, the
 computer cant continue, the building of the powerstation is half made, and
 he i out of money. I tried to play in "aliert" mode, and it happen again,
 he cant cont, out of oil. I transfered some oil from me, and this was
 enough that he was building one powerplant, and than starting to make his
 ovn oil.

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