#4507: Replace quesoglc with harfbuzz
        Reporter:  Vincent                       |      Owner:
            Type:  patch (an actual patch, not   |     Status:  new
  a request for one)                             |  Milestone:  unspecified
        Priority:  normal                        |    Version:  git/master
       Component:  Engine: Graphics              |
Operating System:  All/Non-Specific              |
 This patch replaces quesoglc with direct harfbuzz + freetype usage.
 In addition to sharper text the addition of harfbuzz means that some
 scripts like arabic
 or hindic can be properly supported since harfbuzz provides ligature

 The rendering uses a stripped down iv_drawImage function so that it will
 work with any
 graphic API that implements iv_drawImage.

 I'm developping with Visual Studio 2015, I updated configure.ac and tested
 that it works
 on bash for Ubuntu but I think some testing on Linux and Mac are welcomed.

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