#4519: Alpha NP production fix
        Reporter:  Berserk Cyborg                |      Owner:
            Type:  patch (an actual patch, not   |     Status:  new
  a request for one)                             |  Milestone:  unspecified
        Priority:  normal                        |    Version:  3.2.1
       Component:  Data: Scripts (Campaign)      |
Operating System:  All/Non-Specific              |
 Alpha campaign missions sub1_5 and later were somewhat broken in the
 aspect that the New Paradigm could not build/produce certain cyborgs,
 tanks, or structures. This was simply due to a few missing research stats.

 I tested each affected level and there were no adverse effects from my
 changes, so I don't think I broke anything. This should at least make
 those levels somewhat more difficult now.

 branch: [https://github.com/KJeff01/warzone2100/tree/CampaignFixes]

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