#4586: Updates for SemperFi-js AI
        Reporter:  Berserk Cyborg                |      Owner:  Per
            Type:  patch (an actual patch, not   |     Status:  new
  a request for one)                             |  Milestone:  unspecified
        Priority:  normal                        |    Version:  3.2.3
       Component:  Semperfi (AI)                 |
Operating System:  All/Non-Specific              |
 I added a bunch of stuff and fixed a few bugs (most important is that it
 no longer causes a second long lag spike). The most noticeable new
 features are the ability to play on hover maps and build defense
 structures. Improvements to build and research code as well. Production
 code is more or less the same, but with chances for hover propulsion and
 more body choices for the tanks.

 Discussion and current mod:
 Link to branch: [https://github.com/KJeff01/warzone2100/tree/SemperFi-JS-

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