#4654: GUI Inconveniences - Major: Keyboard Shortcuts for Game Menu
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 F1 - F6 activate the various elements of the game menu:

 (1) The central element ("close") appears to have no shortcut and could
 very much do with one (ESC, perhaps?), and
 (2) F1 - F6 work (or don't work) inconsistently when switching between

 For example, if F5 (Intelligence Display) is opened, no shortcut keystroke
 will exit you from it.  On the other hand, you can switch between
 Manufacture (F1), Research (F2), Build (F3) and Commanders (F6) easily by
 pressing the appropriate hotkey.  Design (F4), however, is like the
 intelligence display - there is no way out without using the mouse.

 And, of course, you can't fully exit any of them without using the mouse
 (which exacerbates the impact of http://developer.wz2100.net/ticket/4651,
 as an aside).

 Ideally, it should be possible to switch between all 6 using hotkeys and
 be able to exit any of them using another (I suggest ESC).

 This could be considered a change request.  I think the current scheme has
 been so since 1.10 inclusive.

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