#4695: Mac OSX 12.2.6 Build begin to work
        Reporter:  PierreC                    |      Owner:
            Type:  bug                        |     Status:  new
        Priority:  normal                     |  Milestone:  unspecified
       Component:  Build System Issues/Xcode  |    Version:  3.2 and master
Operating System:  Mac OS 10.9                |
 I build Warzone 2100.app with source code warzone2100-3.2.1.tar.xz  (and
 warzone2100-master too)
 The command
       xcodebuild -project Warzone.xcodeproj -target Warzone -configuration
 had a build error at end, so I use OneStepWZMasterBuild.command, and it
 make the Warzone 2100.app.
 But... when I lauch Warzone 2100.app, I have the start picture and an
 Infinite loop.
 So the intéressant part: I use lldb to see and kill the bugs ...
 The first is the infinite loop, in Vorbis.framework
     0x100eeeb1c: 85 c0                    testl  %eax, %eax
     0x100eeeb1e: 0f 85 ea 00 00 00        jne    0x100eeec0e
 ; <+350> FORCER
     0x100eeeb24: 49 8b 4e 10              movq   0x10(%r14), %rcx
 b *0x100eeeb1e
 register write pc 0x100eeec0e --> OK
 After what I have an error generated by  Warzone
     frame #2: 0x0000000100005419 Warzone`resLoad(char const*, int) + 153
     0x100005419: 85 c0                 testl  %eax, %eax
     0x10000541b: 74 5c                 je     0x100005479               ;
 <+249> FORCER donne le son et demarre !
     0x10000541d: 41 80 7e 1c 00        cmpb   $0x0, 0x1c(%r14)
 b *0x10000541b
 register write pc 0x100005479

 And I have the music, the menu work well...
 it work but I can't start the party without error.
 I hope it can help, I hope an binary OSX version ....

 Thank for reading

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