#4730: Error warning regularly on screen.
        Reporter:  3oddbits          |      Owner:
            Type:  bug               |     Status:  new
        Priority:  normal            |  Milestone:  unspecified
       Component:  Engine: Graphics  |    Version:  3.2.3
Operating System:  GNU/Linux 64bit   |
 Get a buzz! noise regularly, along with this message on screen.
 error   |11:01:53: [khr_callback:139] GL::API(Performance:Medium) : using
 glBufferSubData(buffer 10763, offset 1416240, size 6000) to update a
 Gentoo Linux, kernel 4.9.97, AMDGPU X Driver, Mesa 17.2.8
 The ebuild maintainer toggled "debug" on for Warzone 2100.
 Attached .zip file has ALL the game logs.

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