#4743: Structure limit warning on home maps for non-players
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 For some reason warzone warns about an AI player having too many X on map
 (see setCurrentStructQuantity() in structure.cpp). Only shown on home maps
 where the enemy has an HQ or command relay. Does not affect gameplay from
 what I have seen.

 example output:

 info    |04:22:15: [setCurrentStructQuantity:606] Assert in Warzone:
 structure.cpp:606 (asStructureStats[inc].curCount[player] <=
 asStructureStats[inc].upgrade[player].limit), last script event: '<none>'

 Now, this does '''not''' happen on the first encounter of a mission with
 such structures, but every one after that will show the above warning.

 On the below save the AI does not have any structures (aside from those it
 absorbs) on this mission. And donateObject() will bail on donating
 HQ/relays/factories to that player (Nexus in this case) since the counts
 are too high.

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