#4769: repaint Jammer to same colour as Radar Detector and adjust the blurring
effect it causes within its range
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 The Jammer was hard to tell apart from the Counter Battery (see attached
 screenshots [raw-attachment:cb_and_jammer_distance_5000_old.png], [raw-
 attachment:cb_and_jammer_distance_2500_old.png], [raw-

 Its blurring effect also obscured unit outlines too much, making it
 difficult to distinguish units from a distance (see attached screenshot

 Therefore, I have repainted the Jammer to the same colour as the Radar
 Detector (compare [raw-attachment:jammer_model_old.png] to [raw-
 This makes it much easier to tell CB and Jammer apart (see attached
 screenshots [raw-attachment:cb_and_jammer_distance_5000_new.png], [raw-
 attachment:cb_and_jammer_distance_2500_new.png], [raw-

 The blurring effect is now far less intense, but more frequent (see
 attached screenshot [raw-attachment:jammer_vision_blur_new.png]).

 === Documentation for PIE format ===

 I have made a few changes to the file './doc/PIE.md' to better explain the
 different coordinate notations used by PIE2 and PIE3. However, two
 questions remain:

 * Why do helicopter models use some negative coordinates? Are their PIE3
 UV values not supposed to range from 0 to 1?
 * What is the purpose of texture flag 4200? It is used in a few PIE2 and
 PIE3 models.

 === Repositioning textures in texture page ===

 The textures used by the Jammer were shared by CB, Commander, Heavy Rocket
 Bastion and Missile Fortress. Therefore, I had to copy them to a new
 location in the texture page './data/base/texpages/page-17-droid-

 A lack of space required shifting textures on that page and recalculating
 coordinates. For that purpose, I wrote an AWK script that allows moving a
 rectangular area for a given texture page by correcting the coordinates
 for each PIE files using it (see attached script [raw-
 attachment:'move_textures']). It is far from perfect, and must fail if
 only a part of one texture is chosen.

 I carefully tested each texture I moved. Besides using my script, I found
 it useful to temporarily repaint textures in pure red, blue and green
 (whose hexadecimal values are #f00, !#00f, !#0f0). This makes it easy to
 remember where to look for unintended changes. Some files with repainted
 textures are attached.

 After repositioning an emplacement foundations texture in GIMP, I executed

 ./move_textures 716 480 120 24 684 1000 page-17-droid-weapons.png

 A texture used by Flashlight and EMP Missile Launcher overlapped with the
 Bunker Buster texture.
 To correct this, I ran

 for f in data/base/components/weapons/{gnmr,cy_}las.pie
     printf '%s\n' ',s/219/218/g' w | ed -s $f

 I also removed a few unused pixels beneath the texture.
 To ensure they were really not needed, I checked the result of
 `./move_textures 796 480 76 4 0 0 page-17-droid-weapons.png`.

 Finally, I moved the texture in GIMP and shifted all required PIE
 coordinates by executing:

 ./move_textures 796 428 76 52 796 388 page-17-droid-weapons.png

 A texture showing a red dot was unused. I moved it in GIMP and verified
 that nothing required it by checking the result of

 ./move_textures 792 504 56 56 368 304 page-17-droid-weapons.png

 After repositioning a texture used for the left upper arm of heavy cyborgs
 in GIMP, I executed
 ./move_textures 488 392 28 52 432 304 page-17-droid-weapons.png

 Finally there was enough free space on the texture page to copy the
 textures needed by the Jammer model. I copied them in GIMP and then

 * for the mast:

 git checkout $(./move_textures 892 196 52 200 820 440 page-17-droid-
 weapons.png | grep -vFx ./data/base/components/weapons/gnmecm1.pie)

 * for the dishes:

 git checkout $(./move_textures 864 912 64 64 460 392 page-17-droid-
 weapons.png | grep -vFx ./data/base/components/weapons/gnmecm1.pie)


 === Repainting the Jammer ===

 To use exactly the same golden colour as the Radar Detector, I first
 removed grey areas from its texture page
 (see attached image [raw-attachment:page-59-more-weapons_rendered.png]).

 GIMP's "Sample Colourise" tool did all the rest for me (see attached image
 [raw-attachment:gimp_sample_colourise.png]). It can be accessed via
 'Colours->Map' in the menubar.

 I tried to further improve colouring, e.g. by using the "Colourise Tool"
 and setting the "Hue value" to 38 and the "Lightness" value to -35 (see
 attached image [raw-attachment:jammer_model_alternative.png]). Yet overall
 I could not make the model much prettier, and since I am no artist and my
 colour vision might be poor I'll leave that task to others.

 I hope my patch does not cause too much trouble for real artists, like the
 makers of Art Revolution.

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